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Illumination Optics

Illumination optics are used in many different fields, from automative to defense applications. They are critical for precisely controlling the illumination properties of light sources, e.g. LEDs. Before starting a high volume serial production using an expensive mold setup, it is advantageous to have a proof of concept with a small batch production. Here, BLFs Direct machining method provides high quality and speed which also avoids long molding setup and preparation durations. Define your specifications, BLF will take care of the production with excellence.

Available Technologies
  • Single point Diamond Turning
Processable Materials
  • PMMA
  • Zeonex
  • Plastic
Optical Compoment Geometries
  • Sphere
  • Asphere
  • Diffractive optical elements (DEO)
  • Off-axis parabolic
  • Freeform
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions according to ISO 10110-1
  • Diameter < 350 mm
  • Thickness > 0.5 mm
  • Irregularity < 100 nm
  • Roughness (Ra) < 1 nm