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The World of Custom made Optics

Infrared Lenses

Infrared lenses are basic components of thermal imaging systems. The production of these types of lenses requires accurate surface machining at the nanometer level.

Microlens Arrays

Microlens arrays are utilized in a variety of modern optics applications, such as displays, homogenizers, and sensors.

Cylindrical Lens Arrays

BLF manufactures a wide range of high-quality, custom Cylindrical Lens Arrays according to your specifications.

High Precision Mirrors

High precision mirrors are basic components of thermal camera, night-vision, and high-power laser systems. The production of these types of optics requires sensitivity at the nanometer level.

Illumination Optics

Illumination optics are used in many different fields, from automative to defense applications. They are critical for precisely controlling the illumination properties of light sources, e.g. LEDs.


Surface form and texture quality of the molds effect the quality of the moulded optics. BLF manufactures molds in form accuracies well below 100 nanometers (P-V) and surface roughnesses of below 1nm.

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